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My Projects

I'm doing a broad range of different projects, some are presented here:

Automatic Golang building project

Idea behind this

This project originated when I was dissatisfied with how other automatic Go building systems were working. I wanted a simple system building my Go code and after that packaging the results with some assets found in the same repository. Also I wanted to have a webhook URL to trigger the builds automatically when my code is pushed to GitHub or BitBucket.

Automatic state-enforcer for docker hosts

Idea behind this

The intention of this project is to have a running daemon on a docker host server which is able to realize a configuration of docker containers. For this it manages all containers and images on the docker host. This includes starting and stopping containers which are or are not defined by the configuration file.

Small application to shield HTTP exporting Docker containers

Idea behind this

DockerProxy is a small application to shield HTTP exporting Docker containers. The proxy supports SNI to shield the containers with HTTPs certificates. To discover the containers the Docker daemon needs to listen on a tcp port which should be shielded by a firewall to ensure the security of the Docker host.

Your Podcast Streaming

Idea behind this

Anyone doing a Podcast project has different knowledge levels. Most of them are not technical but maybe they want to do live-Podcasts and don’t want to care about the technical background. This service is intended to provide a streaming server using Teamspeak 3 and Icecast to let podcasters stream their live-podcast.


About me

A brief history how I got where I am now.

After I was born in 1987 I grew up in Weyhe, Germany having a quite normal childhood speaking in terms of someone using computers since the age of five. Growing up with computers soon I got interested in programming and luckily I got the chance to learn about Pascal, Delphi and later several other programming languages.

Having experience in programming when finishing school I chose to get a training in that profession and soon I got a certificate of finishing my training for a "Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung" (developer). Since then I've worked for some quite different companies and got experience in several fields of computer science.

In my spare time I'm still doing what I've done before I've made computer science my profession: I'm learning how to tame computers and let them do what I expect from them. Also I'm interested in digital photography mostly about lost places, animals or landscapes. Additional I'm an active member of the local volunteer fire department of Wedel, Germany where I'm currently living.

If you're interested in learning more about my career you can download my CV and read about it in detail.

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