Knut Ahlers

Operations Engineer & Software Developer

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About me

A brief history how I got where I am now.

After I was born in 1987 I grew up in Weyhe, Germany having a quite normal childhood speaking in terms of someone using computers since the age of five. Growing up with computers soon I got interested in programming and luckily I got the chance to learn about Pascal, Delphi and later several other programming languages.

Having experience in programming when finishing school I chose to get a training in that profession and soon I got a certificate of finishing my training for a "Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung" (developer). Since then I've worked for some quite different companies and got experience in several fields of computer science.

In my spare time I'm still doing what I've done before I've made computer science my profession: I'm learning how to tame computers and let them do what I expect from them. Also I'm interested in digital photography mostly about lost places, animals or landscapes. Additional I'm an active member of the local volunteer fire department of Wedel, Germany where I'm currently living.