About quitting projects

I’ve started so many projects and other smaller things over the years. Since I’m on Github I’ve created 120 repositories containing code. Not all of them are real projects, some only are tools I’ve invested some hours in but there are so many projects I’ve invested a lot of time. Most of them are already neglected for quite a while and I don’t even remember all of them…

Recently I had a peergroup feedback with my colleagues I work with and while preparing for that feedback I realized one of the goals for the next year should be to lower my off-work workload. When looking into my todo list there are many things I need to do. Some of them are mainly “nice to have” things I can just skip over and over and nothing will happen. Maybe I should start with them. Nobody would notice if I just click that little trash can on those tasks and watch them vanish in a little animation.

Then there are those tasks I really need to do. Many of them are generated automatically every week or when ever I need to care about them. Though they also require time to be done I manage to do them quite well. But that list is only a small part of the grand total: There are issues in my repositories waiting for me to care about them. Some repositores even have whole road-maps of things I need to do.

This being already a quite big list I also work (or better should work to finish the new website of the VoxNoctem online radio. And then not to forget there is a whole bunch of Ideas in my head I even didn’t wrote down. A large amount of them vanished in the meantime but still there is a lot which stays with me.

Why I’m telling this you might ask: As stated in the beginning I want to reduce all of that workload. But I really don’t have a clue how to do this. Investing some time in all those small projects to make an improvement is not such a big deal. Especially as most of the tools in my Github account are tools to fit a single purpose and don’t need that much maintenance.

But how to deal with those big projects? There for instance is my GoBuilder: Back in 2015 I started to rewrite one component of the system but got distracted from that task. Also that task is a quite big one as It’s one of the two main components. And with like every big task it’s hard to start working on it. Even though I’m forgetting a lot of things really fast (somethimes I have no clue what I’ve done just 2 minutes ago) I still remember what I need to do to complete that task and everything inside me resists against that task.

So in the end maybe I should just stop thinking about that project as I’ve not worked on it for quite a long time and should let it go? It feels like doing so but on the other hand there are people using that project. Sure, they can use it in the current state but is it fair to them to neglect a project they are using?

And even if I can decide to stop working on those projects (and force me to really stop caring about them) how to communicate? And what about the projects I’m also hosting? For projects I’m not hosting it’s fairly easy: They can be downloaded in their latest version but taking down services put all users in the need to put another bunch of tasks to their task list: Migrate from my service to something different…

So many questions, so few answers. Do you have hints or advices for me? Let me know using Twitter, Messenger, Discord, where ever you can find me…