Dual SIM mobile phone...

...is something searched by me.

Now I use a Samsung U900 Soul for my normal activity on a mobile phone as calling people and sending short messages. Additional I have a HTC Touch for my SIM-card with more data transfer included which is used for transmitting information to my server, receiving information about whatever you can find in the internet.

These two phones are used privately only. Additional there is the mobile phone of my company but this should continue to be separated from the private phones. So carrying two mobile phones for private reasons with me is simply crap and I'm searching for a dual-SIM-mobile-phone which has got the features listed here:

  • Forcing data transfer to one and phone / short message to the other SIM
  • Triband / Quadband
  • Bluetooth for both of the cards
Optional it would be fine to synchronize it with my Mac and to have WLAN functionality.

Until now I did not find any mobile phone fitting this feature list. Some of them got some more of the features but none of them got all.

Can it be so hard to find such a phone on the world? There are several countries with even more companies producing mobile phones and none of them assembled such a phone?

If someone sees a phone fitting my wishes please inform me about it... Otherwise I can only hope to get a phone with this features at any time...