Importing from Google-Reader into

If one wants to import his RSS-feeds from Google-Reader into this is not possible with one click as in other newsreaders. To do this task there must be done a little work in the shell.

For this I modified a little script written by Dave Thomas:

egrep -o 'xmlUrl="(.*?)"' google-reader-subscriptions.xml | sed "s/.*xmlUrl=\"\([^\"]*\).*/\1/" | pbcopy
You need to have the whole script in the same line.

This modification isnecessarybecause Googles format can not be read by Dave's script without errors.

After executing this script you can execute the third step from Dave's task:

In Mail.App, select Add RSS Feed, and in the text area that pops up, paste in the clipboard.
Then after a while with high CPU load contains all your feeds.