iUseThis_Profiler v.0.1

Today my work at the evening was to create a little script which can be used to fill the iusethis.com profile with all the apps installed on an osx system. This script is called iUseThis_Profiler and available via Github at version 0.1.

As I said in the first paragraph it will work only for mac osx! Linux or Windows users will not be able to use it because their application structure is much different from the one on osx. To execute this script download it from Github and change the two variables in the head of the script. There you have to enter your iusethis.com-username and password for the script to work. If you have done this you can execute the script using "ruby <scriptname>". It will output what it is currently doing so you can follow its actions.

Just a little warning before you use it: It will transmit every application you have installed if it is present at iusethis.com! So if you are using applications no one should know so please don't use the script or if you use it: Don't blame me for adding these applications to the service. After the upload you should take some minutes and click the osx-default applications and applications you don't use but even don't uninstall away from your profile.

Now have fun with the script :D