iUseThis_Profiler v.0.5

Okay there is one last release for today of this tool. In this new release 0.5 there is a bug fixed which was introduced in version 0.3. This bug caused the problem that you did not get any app found as a question. So some apps were added to your profile without asking you.

Also there are some feature improvements:

  • You don't have to edit the script itself any longer to set your username and password. This option is removed by now. Instead the script will ask you for this information.
  • The script will not longer ask for already added applications whether you want to add it. Already added applications will be marked as not to add automatically.
  • The messages the script passes out while problems occur are now more user-friendly.[/note]
Thanks to Marcus for passing the feature requests to me. [note]The new version of the script is available using the already known link:

Script: GitHub Changelog: GitHub[/note]