Just started a new project: KBuchhaltung

As mentioned in the title I've just started a new project today. This new project was named "KBuchhaltung" which is a combination of the first letter of my name "K" and the german word "Buchhaltung" which means accounting.

So this project is a little web based application using PHP and MySQL to generate a personal accounting. Just to track where the money is going all the month. This application is not intended to use in a company because it will never get any certificates. I wrote it to know why my money was spent early in the month and I hope by publishing it under GPL that it will be helpfull for other people out there.

The software is published "as is" and will not be modified much from the current state of development. Most of the changes will address the user interface to get a better usability.

You can check out the project at the github here: http://github.com/Luzifer/kbuchhaltung/tree/master

If you want to contribute to this project please contact me or send me a patch / bug report / whatever.