Long postless time...

...is something which occured here in my blog. I appologise for this to my readers and hope this will get better in the future.

One problem in the moment is that I don't have enough energy to write something in my blog after my work. I just come home and sit down in front of my television. Even coding is stagnated in every of my projects in the last few weeks. The other problem is that there is absolutely nothing worth to post here in the moment.

So if anyone has an hint for me how to get more energy without taking drugs please post a comment to this article and help me to write more posts :)

An other new thing is - you already see it - that I try to post new entries in english language to reach more people all over the world. On the other hand this will improve my english writing skills too. :) You may comment in german if you want but english comments are highly welcome too.