New design and site merges

Yesterday I “finished” my work bringing my blog to a new and shiny design. This time it ought to be a responsive template with bright colors, a more complete design which doesn’t look like some 3rd-grader put it together in about two hours and all together it should fit my contact page and also the blog.

Sure we all know the term “finished” when it’s about web designs and probably it will never get finished but for now it’s a huge improvement in contrast to the old design. Now you also can find some of my projects, previously listed on a Trello board, and a new way shorter “about me” text on the contact page.

The “new” blog itself still contains all my posts starting 2008 until now (919 posts) so many of them will not really fit the new design as they were created for several previous designs. For example this is the first post containing a teaser image which is really responsive and does not force mobile devices to add horizontal scroll bars. (For the posts on the first index page I’ve modified the posts also to be responsive but I will not do this for all those over 900 posts.)

Old blog design

The old blog will get migrated to the new version soon by redirecting the visitors towards this new version and then cease to exist. So if you linked the old version in your sidebar or something else please change that link to point to in the future. (Though you don’t need to go through all your posts to check whether you linked me in one of your articles, the redirects will remain in place for a long time…)

What’s your opinion on the new design? Do you like it? Please leave me a comment below…