Sorry for the spam…

Today is the day I maybe made one of the biggest mistakes of my online life. Until now I’ve managed not to send any mass-mails or spam using my email address. Multiple years, multiple email accounts and never such a disaster before.

But what happened? I got a bunch of mails over a longer time because someone (I don’t know who) opened an account using my email address at a service I’m not going to name in this blog post but those of you I’m apologizing to know what I’m talking about. To finally get rid of those mails I decided to log into that account and delete it.

Yeah, like I said in the initial paragraph: It was the biggest mistake I made while using the internet. Somehow (until now I don’t know how because I did definitely not trigger such an action) that service started a mass mailing to all contacts in my address book. Before I got the first responses to that mail (they were so “nice” to put my email address into the senders field) I noticed that spam wave because in my address book there are some mail addresses for testing purposes which were never published to the public.

Said this: Please do not accept the “invitation” from my address to join that “social discovery network”. Please treat this email as spam and throw it where it belongs: The trash bin.

Despite the fact I’ve broken my own rule not to click any link in a spam-mail I hope this does not cause a larger spam wave due to anyone subscribing to that service. Luckily the mail was sent in german language so all non-german speaking contacts in my address book will not even understand that mail and hopefully put it into trash as “foreign language spam”…

Update: Looks like I’m not the only one who has fallen for this… Despite I didn’t want to name the company sending out that mails here is an article about the same problem but from about two years ago: A Year Of Spam: The Twoo Experience (And after searching for more results there seems to be a huge list of people having the same problem…)

Update 2: Today I reviewed the list of Apps connected to my Google account and indeed found an app I apparently authorized some day to access my address book. Despite I’m a hundred percent sure I never gave that service any permissions to my Google account there are reports they took over several other apps, one of them an app I authorized a long time ago. Looks like they also used the already authorized apps of the services they took over to gain access to the address book.