Idea behind this

This project originated when I was dissatisfied with how other automatic Go building systems were working. I wanted a simple system building my Go code and after that packaging the results with some assets found in the same repository. Also I wanted to have a webhook URL to trigger the builds automatically when my code is pushed to GitHub or BitBucket.


Idea behind this

The intention of this project is to have a running daemon on a docker host server which is able to realize a configuration of docker containers. For this it manages all containers and images on the docker host. This includes starting and stopping containers which are or are not defined by the configuration file.


Idea behind this

DockerProxy is a small application to shield HTTP exporting Docker containers. The proxy supports SNI to shield the containers with HTTPs certificates. To discover the containers the Docker daemon needs to listen on a tcp port which should be shielded by a firewall to ensure the security of the Docker host.

Secure Password

Idea behind this

The password generator is an existing project of mine from 2010 built in Python and running on the Google AppEngine. This Project is a rewrite of the old password generator into tested Go code with a secure (https) frontend using a way better design than the old one.


Idea behind this

Anyone doing a Podcast project has different knowledge levels. Most of them are not technical but maybe they want to do live-Podcasts and don’t want to care about the technical background. This service is intended to provide a streaming server using Teamspeak 3 and Icecast to let podcasters stream their live-podcast.

MonDash - Dashboard

Idea behind this project

Mondash is a service intended to use for everyone in need for a dashboard just displaying some metrics. The usage is kept very simple and just sending data to an API is enough to create a simple dashboard.


Idea behind this

As I wrote this project I worked a lot with QR-Codes and wanted to have a simple online generator which does not send the contents of the QR-Code to any server. Also this generator takes data passed through the URL and creates linkable QR-Codes this way.